Solos and "Call and Response" for your Ks,

  • I've had a few requests so I'll share those with you the next couple weeks.

    The Spanish and English lyrics were not included with our digital download of the beloved Spanish Music Rhapsody CD. Thanks to your requests, we now have this available. If you have previously purchased the digital CD or have misplaced yours, you can now get it free from Music Box Downloads in the category "Spanish Music Rhapsody". Spanish Music Rhapsody CD Booklet.

    One of these songs is especially great with our popular TK/K Fall Lesson Pack!

    If you are new to Spanish Music Rhapsody, check out the free visuals of our popular Spanish version of "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" called "En La Granja de Mi Tio." This is so awesome for learning colors, numbers and animal names. Here are our Big Kids and Young Musicians classes at a Farm Concert singing their solos and showing some awesome "call and response."

    En La Granja de Mi Tio

    IMPORTANT TIP: Remember to print out TWO OF EACH VISUAL and laminate it back to back. This way the children can see their own card and the class (or audience) can see it too.


    Next week, I will highlight the alto recorder lesson that was requested for ALL the Pretty Little Horses!


    I hope to see many of you in Virginia on September 23 and in Maine on September 29! Here are some upcoming workshops.


    The next online training cohort is Wednesday at 5pm Pacific time. Register now and I 'll send you the invite to join us!


    See you in the box!