Pumpkin Music! Here's some that never get

  • I like to give options for visuals, puppets, and props. Choices to purchase or make. Here's plenty of choices for your pumpkins for the rhyme I use for beat keeping, pitch matching solos and drumming "Five Little Jack-o'-Lanterns from my fall lesson plans (you can also find this in In All Kinds of Weather, Kids Make Music Book/CD.

    • Go to the grocery store and buy 5 little ornamental pumpkins, decorate if you wish.
    • Music Box Downloads/Visuals: Five Little Jack-o'-Lanterns (For SMARTBoard or SMART Notebook) FREE this week in Music Box!
    • Counting Felt Set - One of many sets included are a set of 10 pumpkins and numbers to go with it. (Our number one selling felt set because so many songs use these little cuties!)
    • In ALl Kinds of Weather, Kids Make Music Book/CD - Make the gate and pumpkins by coloring a card stock copy of page 50-51. Cut out the items and laminate.
    • Draw the pumpkins on a white board!

    After a few lessons of Five Little Jack-o'-Lanterns, here's a pumpkin passing game you never get tired of since the pumpkin drawing is so entertaining from the kids! Fun for them to choose instruments to accompany the passing game too!

    Pumpkin Singing Game - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9x_x8PToJ8&index=1&list=PLcGAMvU2YN-VW1J18R_XC-Szv9BA1uJF1

    So much fun while we improve listening, timing and coordination, encourage creativity and develop beautiful singing!