Holiday Concerts for preschool, kindergarten, easy festive idea

  • A few props can add so much to your Holiday Concert. Whether its inviting parents to the classroom for some songs or having the kids up on stage, adding just one "theme" item will bump up the "Ah, so precious" factor. It will make for some adorable photos too! Here's a few ideas:

    • Wear a gold "Halo" made out of garland for the "Angel Band," make white ones for the "Snow Songs"
    • Hold a little gingerbread man for the "Musical Gingerbread" (See last weeks Newsletter)
    • Hold a star for the "Star Medley"
    • Wear a winter scarf or hat for the snowmen songs
    • Santa hats are always festive for the Santa songs
    • A Bell Necklace or holding the green strap jingle bells for the "Jingle Bell Medley"
    • Have the children make their own holiday head band, perhaps sponge white paint on dark blue or glue foam snowflakes on it for their Snow song

    Check out this video to see the sweet props and costumes used for our "Toy Maker's Clowns" (This video is only available in Music Box) The "Toy Maker's Clowns" script can be found for FREE in Music Box Downloads.

    You can search for songs and props in the SEARCH feature in Music Box. If you don't find what you need, just click "Ask Lynn!"

    See you in the box!