Gathering Drum Activities by Lynn Kleiner

  • Gathering Drum! The list of activities and benefits is larger than the drum itself!  Here’s just 20 of the experiences common in Lynn Kleiner’s Drumming Activities:

    1. Beat
    2. Form
    3. Phrasing
    4. Dynamics
    5. Tempo
    6. Music Vocabulary
    7. Expressive Qualities
    8. Improvisation
    9. Creativity
    10. Rhythm
    11. Surprise Props under the drum
    12. Surprise Props on top of the drum
    13. Surprise Props in the drum
    14. Story Telling
    15. Chord Changes
    16. Ostinatos
    17. Gross Motor Skills
    18. Fine Motor Skills
    19. Ensemble (different parts played at the same time!)
    20. Leadership/Self Confidence

     Watch a variety of different age groups playing the drum including Five Little Monkeys from Jungle Beat, and from In All Kinds of Weather, Kids Make Music, Down the River and The Ship Goes Sailing on the Sea. –

    Click Here to watch the video.


    Find hundreds of drumming activities in my books, lesson plans, Music Box and Music Rhapsody Member Curriculum.  Music Box Members (which is included for Music Rhapsody members), if you need help, just click ASK LYNN on the upper right of the home page. In Music Box, use the Search feature to lead you to helpful suggestions. Bumble Bee Beat and Ladybugs are long time hits! The recording for Ladybugs is FREE in Music Downloads.

    The online and live teacher training introduces the Gathering Drum activities in 6 different age groups.

    For Music Rhapsody Members using the curriculum and weekly lesson plans, you will find the lesson plan, music and activity video in your teacher log in area. Here's the ones featured in the video above:

    Five Little Monkeys  Young Musicians Make Music Module 3

    Down the River   Toddlers Make Music Module 1

    The Ship Goes Sailing on the Sea Young Musicians Make Music Module 3