An Orff Approach means More than Singing

  • An Orff Approach! Rarely do we have an activity where we are just sitting or standing and singing. We are rocking, patsching, marching, playing while we sing. Starting with our youngest classes, you will see us tapping the beat, then soon, we will be clapping at the end of the phrases or on the rests. As the repetition with a variety of activities are experienced, timing and coordination is improving and we can do this with a partner, a very exciting thing when you are 5 years old as seen in the video!  (And very challenging for many, who in the concert stayed "single" for clapping!) Repetition leads to more success! You also see the successful tapping and patsching of the beat is eventually transferred to playing the beat on the drums or xylophones and the clapping at the end of the phrase is now transferred to triangles or glockenspiels.

    Here’s a concert favorite that also includes hand claps, singing, making up your own item and pitches for the solo, and call and response. "Going on a Picnic!" (we are still working on the singing in a concert setting, quite a bit of enthusiasm caused us to not be always in tune! haha) was a huge crowd pleaser and so much fun for the kids.

    Click Here to Watch the 3-6 year olds!

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    Our lesson plans introduce the sequential, logical progression for movement, body percussion and instruments. Weekly lesson plans are available in 8 age groups, from early childhood through Orff and Recorder for grade 3 and 4.


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