Gathering Drum, Uke Lesson, and a New Concert Plan!

  • Planning concerts around a theme is always motivating for me. Choosing songs, creating our own verses and movement, solo singing, playing instruments, and beat keeping are all beautiful demonstrations of what we do in our weekly music lessons.

    I especially love it when classroom teachers and other subject specialists (art, drama, dance, science, math, reading, etc.) are inspired by the concert theme as well, singing the songs throughout the week, and integrating the theme into their lessons and activities. This can include the students designing the cover of the concert invitation/program, decorating the concert venue and even setting up a “photo booth” area. Teachers always love having the lyric sheets and practice CDs in the classroom.

    This week, I'm excited to share with you and your students The Jungle Beat Concert Plan


    One of the most popular songs from the Jungle Theme is “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. Here are some suggestions how to use this song in your lessons, from babies to older elementary, accompanying the song with gathering drum, ukulele and Orff instruments.

    The Orff Orchestration you hear in this recording is included in the new Jungle Beat Concert Plan and would be great for older elementary students.

    Take a peek here!

    What’s in the new Jungle Beat Concert Plan?

    • Two concert plans (one for preschool/K-1, one for elementary PreK-3). Includes details on how to prepare the pieces, transitions, a preparation timeline, piano and Orff accompaniment (sheet music), and specifics on hand motions, movement, and instrument playing.
    • Sample concert programs (one for each age level). The programs highlight the objectives of each song selection and give tips on the importance of childhood music.
    • Lyric sheets for classroom teachers. Can also be sent home with students!
    • A total of 26 pages to use with your Jungle Beat Book/CD to have an adorable theme.

    If you're a Music Rhapsody Members and have purchased Big Kids or Young Musicians Module 4, you already have Jungle Beat lesson plans and video of the preparation and concerts. Just let me know if you’d like this new Concert Plan and I will send it to you FREE.

    Happy music making!