Parachute Activities from your MR Members Video and CD

  • As always, our awesome MR Members can attend live teacher training for half tuition, BUT, if you register by March 15, it's half off our earliest special rate. It's not too late to plan an exciting summer vacation at the beaches of California or big city of New York. Here’s this summer's location video, maybe you can spot yourself?


    Our early childhood classes are loving Module 3 parachute activities! Here’s one of many favorites. This recording is on the Toddler CD 2 (lessons 21-40).

    Watch the video here.


    And of course, the #1 parachute activity is our popular “Shake and Stop” song! This song never ceases to entertain me with students between babies through age 6, whether it’s a baby’s “vocal solo” in the silence, the “STOP!” of a two year old, the creative poses of a 6 year old performing with a maraca, or the giggles of students of each age!

    Our parents and classroom teachers are loving the CDs, and I can certainly tell which ones are using it! There’s always so much more class participation when you have plenty of repetition. These are only available to you in your Members Only Store

    One more reminder, if you have Module 4 for Big Kids or Young Musicians and need a new concert plan, I will send it -- you do not need to purchase! 

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