Calming Lessons, Saving Your Voice

  • Well, here we go, the December crazy times! Many of you know, I am personally trying to spend a little more time relaxing, and the staff in our schools and parents in our studio classes all seem to be looking for ways to stay calm!

    Instead of percussion, enjoy the quiet of scarves! Consider Forgotten Dreams from Kids Can Listen, Kids Can Move, imagining a magical holiday as you move with your scarf. Or just lay on the floor and move it above you, or close your eyes and dream.


    New in Music Box!

    • NEW free download with a new little song and lesson ideas to bring some calm to the wild ones!


    Here’s one of our dear members, Helen, and some very dedicated teachers in action at recent trainings. Take a peek at next summer’s locations… or do online training now and return for half tuition!

    Your commitment to learning and dedication to your students is inspiring! Thank you! Wishing all of you beautiful holiday music making!