Creative Movement, lesson ideas and a video to inspire!

  • I hope this video will inspire you and your students to create a magical snowfall through movement. Glockenspiels and metallophones can very easily add sparkle to this lesson too!

    Before watching the video, here’s a bit of background info we share with the class:

    • Snow begins as a tiny ice crystal… crystals fall... new crystals are connected to it by their hydrogen “arms, hands, or fingers.” The “arms” make an angle like the arms on the letter X.
    • Tiny crystals, all connected, falling through the air. You will never find two snowflakes that are alike. Every snowflake is different.
    • Watch the video to see these children form some beautiful connected crystals!
    • Now form your own snowflake shapes. For those who prefer (or need) to watch, a warming hut is off to the side for viewing. But stay quiet! Then watching is magical too!

    This is now in Digital Resources for Holiday Songs and Winter Adventures. Also new in Digital Resources... is a wonderful Lyric and Form At a Glance sheet for Subnivean.

    Adrienne, one of our elementary teachers shared this with the classroom teachers to prepare for their winter concert. They said the kids couldn’t stop singing it!

    Both of these are also now in Music Box. But wait… there’s MUCH MORE in the Box!


    Music Rhapsody Members using Module 2 weekly lesson plans will love the Chubby Little Snowman PowerPoint! (This song is also found in In All Kinds of Weather).

    The kids LOVE the little animals and the disappearing food as they accompany with their rhythm sticks: Tap the beat on the carpet during the song, then play nibble, nibble, crunch (chewing sounds are scraping, bite sounds are tapping).