New Rhythm Readers PowerPoint Slides!

  • I am so excited to introduce hundreds of beautiful PowerPoint slides included with our Rhythm Readers Module 1 for Music Rhapsody members!

    Rhythm Readers is an excellent choice since we can easily use body percussion and classroom sounds (hit the backs of plastic spoons together, or chop sticks, or using items like this as options for playing on plastic chairs, wood tables, or metal table legs! Our new animated PowerPoint visuals are great for the lessons. Printable visuals for manipulatives can also easily be used.

    Not everyone has access to SMART Board or SMART Notebook so now we have included PowerPoint slides that allow visuals to be projected or printed. The slides are playfully designed to add fun to the lessons as well as stimulate participation, creativity and reading rhythm. Handouts for home are also on slides for easy remote or “in the classroom learning.”

    Here’s a free sample of a Rhythm Readers lesson with the power point visuals.


    New to Rhythm Readers? Here’s a peek at what happens in the classroom!

    In case you didn’t hear the exciting news….

    We added another Virtual 4-Day Training starting July 30…we appreciate you spreading the word!

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    Check out what teachers are saying about our last virtual Zoom training in June:

    Big Virtual Hugs to Linda Murphy for making my day posting this about last months Virtual Training!

    “Such a happy bright spot in such a strange summer.”

    See you in the Box!