Donnie The Donkey Plus Recording Of 10 Year Anniversary Q & A

  • A big thanks to Donnie the Donkey (YES! Its true, I’m so excited he’s finally back!), our puppy, and sheep, for sharing the talents they use to be our most helpful assistants during zoom lessons! Their favorite songs are from Farm Songs and the Sounds of Moosic and Kids Make Music, Babies Make Music Too!


    Here’s the recording of the Zoom Event from Thursday. Thanks for reminiscing with me about all the years that I have been able to share music with my students and teachers.

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    Here are a few upcoming events!

    • JOIN ME for a morning virtual workshop with LACAOSA, my Home Orff Chapter since 1983!, on the playful topic of Engaging Your Youngest Students. Saturday, October 17, 10am Pacific Time.
    • October 28, 4:00-6:00 pm - Four Mini Workshops on Requested Topics Registration Coming Soon!

    Thanks again for 10 years of Music Box!!


    Happy Music Making!