Story & Song For A Kindergarten Percussion Party

  • Before you watch my video this week, I’d like to share how I got to this point.

    This goes WAY BACK! My most vivid memory as a kinder was the day my teacher dumped out the rhythm band box of “instruments” and then called our name to come get one. I wanted the triangle and I remember worrying that someone would pick it before my name was called!

    My most vivid memory as a brand new early childhood music teacher, adding preschool classes to my elementary teaching, was the disappointed faces of young children who did not the instrument they wanted. Some even had tears and a fight actually broke out over the largest hand drum! Shouts of “I WANT THE BIG ONE!” still haunt me. (I never brought that large set of nesting drums to the preschool again! lol.)

    I quickly came up with a more joyful and musical plan. I purchased a class set of shakers. And as soon as I could, I purchased a class set of rhythm sticks, finger cymbals and hand drums. All the same size, all the same color!

    I led activities with each child having the same instrument. Happy students, better sound! As lessons progressed, I introduced activities where everyone had 2 instruments, later in the year, three instruments, even 4 or 5! (For these activities, refer to online or live training!)


    Thanks to the late great Remo Belli, the quality of the percussion I use now is by far the most durable, the most musical tone, the best quality! (Members, be sure to use your coupon code for 25% off!) ​Here’s a little story and song that the children loved to act out as they played their set of little percussion, creating sounds for a frog, snake, bird, train, and more.

    A Very Hilly Place, from Kids Make Music, Babies Make Music Too!

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