April Showers, May Flowers DIY Rainstick & Rainbow Streamers

  • Making a rain stick is easy and a bouquet of flowers (rainbow streamers!) is quick and simple! Here’s how easy the streamers are to make:

    Gather your old, frayed scarves. This is the only thing you need!


    1. Pull on both sides of the tear on your used fraying scarves to make the strips of fabric.


    2. Line up the long narrow strips of fabric in assorted colors.


    3. Knot the strips on one end (this is what the children “hide” in their hands).

    At the end of this video, you see us using the streamers to Carmina Burana, activity from my book/CD Kids Can Listen, Kids Can Move.


    Here’s a video playlist of activities that are enhanced by the use of rainsticks and rainbow streamers. The first video is how to make the rainstick.

    Here are two more songs that are great with rainbow streamers:

    Rainbow ‘Round Me

    Hawaiian Rainbows