Mini Workshop: Choices For Orff Orchestrations

  • Here’s a successful way to introduce layers of parts to young musicians. Take a peek and see why this engaging approach results in more musical and exciting lessons.


    This Mini Workshop shows how to

    • Easily add one, two or even four Orff parts to a song for young players
    • Present in an engaging way through a character, story, even true scientific facts
    • Adjust the level of parts to simplify or challenge certain players or groups
    • Use the instruments you have including easy to make homemade instruments

    Goodie Pack includes

    • Lynn Kleiner’s Mini Workshop Video Presentation
    • PowerPoints from the workshop (music, orchestrations, classroom activities, teaching visuals)
    • Recording
    • Additional Videos include children’s performance, kindergarten playshop

    I used Larry the Lobster for the example but I’ve also found it magical for so many other “stories” and characters.

    • A few are the mole, vole and owl
    • The cat and mouse
    • The gardner and the critters
    • And more!

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  • Lydia Lawrence
    Lydia Lawrence Lynn, I loved your set up for this workshop video! It was so helpful seeing the PPT right next to you on the screen. Great job!
    Jun 7
  • Lynn Kleiner
    Lynn Kleiner Thanks so much for the feedback! Hope it sparked a new idea or reminder.
      Lydia Lawrence replied - 1 Reply