A Simple Rhyme - Steps To PK-1 Success!

  • Using Rhymes in the Rain, the sky is the limit for creativity for you and your young students! New visuals/PowerPoints are now available in our Big Kids Make Music curriculum! Not yet a member? Join the fun!

    1. Free Exploration: Instruments in C pentatonic, invite the children to lightly play drips and drops gently on the bars, anywhere they they think it would sound good with the songs and rhymes. Don’t forget to add some quiet beats. TIP! If you can’t hear the song, your playing is too loud!


    2. Keep the Beat on C and G as the teacher chants the rhyme, “Rain on the Green Grass". Play the beat.

    3. Play on specific beats-only on “Rain” (Player choosing which notes to play)

    4. Play only on “Not on me!”

    5. Play on “Rain” and Not on me!” Reading: Follow the visual left to right.


    6. Two Parts Together! Lower instruments play the beat, higher instruments play on Rain, not on me.

    7. Now the Challenge! Play on all the rain for It Rained on Anne


    Add some fun pitch matching and creative movement for a complete lesson plan!